Dillon dog attack victim attends court hearing

Eric Rogers nearly died in February when two pit bulls attacked him for 20 minutes before police showed up and killed the dogs.

Eric Rogers, 29, a

ttended a
preliminary hearing Tuesday morning, for the man accused of owning the dogs that attacked him in February.

Rogers works for the SC Department of Health and Environmental Control and was investigating a dog bite case when the two pit bulls attacked him.

He was nearly mauled to death and has had to go through a major surgery and several skin grafts.

Douglas E. Jennings, one of Rogers' attorneys, said Rogers has a long road ahead of him.

"He's scheduled for a reconstructive surgery for his ear in the coming months. And another reconstructive surgery for his nose and facial scarring. And he also has a long way to go with the skin graft he had done on his arm. He definitely has a significant and tough road ahead of him. And he is doing well and fighting through it," said Jennings.

Rogers isn't ready to talk about what happened just yet, but his attorney said Rogers felt compelled to be at the hearing.

"Eric wanted to be here to show that he is supporting a full prosecution to ensure that these type of things don't happen to anyone else. He doesn't want any of these types of things don't happen to anyone else. He doesn't want anyone else to experience what he's had to go through in the last two months," said James Brogdon, III.

A judge found there's sufficient evidence

Mitchell Driggers owned the dogs that attacked Rogers.

Driggers has said all along only one of the pit bulls belonged to him


and the other dog was just always around his property.

Driggers believes it wasn't his animal that attacked Rogers.

A Dillon County Grand Jury could decide next week if Driggers should be indicted.

We'll let you know what happens.