Dillon County man wants answers into mother's hit and run

Dillon County man wants answers into mother's hit and run, (MGN Graphic)

Ta'Von Brunson said he feels like police aren't doing enough in an investigation to find out who struck his mother with a car two weeks ago as she was walking on Hilltop Avenue in Lake View.

Marie Ford Brunson,43, was walking home on August 12 when a car struck her and took off.

"She was 25 feet away from our home. And she was struck from the front. Buy a vehicle. And then the car proceeded to try to run her over again.but by the grace of God she called on her decide to church. Where a neighbor found her and saved her life, " said Brunson.

Marie Brunson has been in the hospital ever since and has had two surgeries.

"It really breaks my heart that she has to go through this. She had a fractured hip. She had a messed up pelvis. She broke her back in three spots. She had a right leg was messed up. Her right hip was messed up. Her back was messed up. Her pelvis was messed up," said Brunson.

He's upset because he feels as if Lake View police aren't actively investigating.

"The lack of communication and the lack of like how they're doing about the situation. Like we need you guys to get assertive in the situation. We need you to do your jobs. We need you to really get on the case."

Lake View police said they don't have a lot of information to go on at this time.

Investigators said they've searched the crime scene for any evidence, including fragments from a car, but have found nothing.

Officers added they've also talked with Brunson, but she doesn't know the make or model of the vehicle that hit her.

Police said they're using every resource they have to solve the case, but without any eye witnesses, the investigation is proving to be difficult.

Brunson said there's too many unsolved violent crimes in Lake View.

He plans to release the following statement to the Lake View Police Department:

"My name is Hendrick Brunson, son of Marie Ford Brunson. I'm conducting this interview today to get justice for my mother. She was involved in a hit and run accident August 12, 2017 around 4 a.m. I would like to begin by addressing the Lake View Police Department. What's really going on in Lake View. The families of these horrific crimes deserves answers for their loved ones. Thank God my mother survived her horrendous accident. Unfortunately, I can't say the same for the other victims in the community. Lake View needs traffic cams in the area where these tragedies keeps occurring. If traffic cameras were in tact throughout the Hilltop part and other regions of the Lake View community, it would stop so many of the reoccurring crimes and give answers to a lot of these unsolved cases. Gerald McNeil was gunned down and murdered in his front yard. If there would have been cameras the suspects would have been caught and the family would have justice. My mother was struck 25 feet from her home . If the cameras would have been in tact , we would know who to pursue in this case as well. Personally, I feel as though the Dillon County Sheriff's Department and the Lake View Police Department need to come together and work diligently to get these cases solved. To whomever you are the person that struck my mother with their vehicle and proceeded to hit her again, you can not break what you did not build. The person life that you tried to snatch is a mother, grandmother, aunt, sister and she's a friend. You thought you was destroying her, when in actuality, you were creating a brand, new her. Satan sent you to destroy her , but God said not so. He covered her. He cleaned her up and he gave her a whole new perspective on life. By his stripes she is healed. To anybody with any leads concerning this case, please give the Lake View Police Department a call. We the family of Marie Fore Brunson would like to thank all of the Lake View community, neighbors and friends for the love and acts of kindness shown to us at this time. It could have been a call, a visit or just a prayer or thought. To the Lake View community, let's unite, come together and make the Hilltop great again."

If you have any information on the hit and run, you're asked to call the Lake View Police Department at 843-759-2119.

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