DHEC investigating possible scabies at ambulance service

      The Department of Health and Environmental Control is investigating a complaint of possible cases of scabies among workers at an ambulance transport service in the Grand Strand area.

      DHEC is aware of at least two cases of physician-diagnosed scabies, according to an email from spokesman Jim Beasley.

      The greatest risk for exposure appears to exist among co-workers and not those who have been transported by the service, Beasley said.

      Typical scabies infestations are spread by prolonged direct skin-to-skin contact, or through contact with clothing, linens and bedding.

      At this time, no diagnosis of scabies has been verified by a lab.

      DHEC does not release the names of businesses involved in investigations unless there is a public health threat, which is not the care here, Beasley said.

      You can find more information about scabies on the Centers for Disease Control website.