DHEC halts demolition in downtown Dillon

A spokesperson with the state Department of Health and Environmental Control says the City of Dillon did not have the proper permits to tear down three buildings that the state has now learned contain asbestos.

Crews had been tearing down the Dilmar buildings on Main Street, which stood for more than 50 years. City leaders say they couldn't find anyone to redevelop the buildings which are not structurally sound.

DHEC originally halted the demolition on March 15 because city officials failed to get a license from DHEC to tear down the buildings. At the time, DHEC spokesman Adam Myrick told NewsChannel 15 the city had done a survey to prove that there was no asbestos in the buildings.

Myrick now says that information was incorrect, and they've since learned all three buildings contain asbestos.

Myrick says DHEC is deciding if any enforcement action will be taken against the city.

Dillon has to submit a plan showing how the city will dispose of the asbestos before any work can continue.