DEU investigation leads to 6 arrests, drug operation bust

Dominique House, courtesy J Reuben Long

A six month surveillance operation by the Drug Enforcement Unit led to six drug related arrests and a bust of a drug operation in Myrtle Beach on Friday.

Agents recovered 33 grams of powder heroin, eight grams of crack cocaine, and two grams marijuana at a home on Black Cherry Way, according to DEU Deputy Commander Dean Bishop. The home served as the base for the operation.

The agents also recovered $10,000 in cash.

Bishop said 33 grams of heroin would produce 330 individual hits valued at $25 - $35.

The group created a problem because of the size of the organization and the volume of the drugs they were distributing, said Bishop.

Bishop believes this organization is affiliated with an organization in New York known as the 24/7 boys.

They are a mid to upper level interstate group that Bishop said would truly operate around the clock to deliver drugs to their clients.

DEU agents were informed of this drug operation by arresting clients that would confess where they bought the drugs, said Bishop.

Deshone Brown, 26, of Murrells Inlet, Joseph White, 28, of Myrtle Beach were arrested in connection to the operation from the Grand Strand.

Ivan Chatman, 21, Dwight Hawkins, 23, Dominque House, 19, and Jaqwan Martin, 22, all from Buffalo, New York were also arrested.

They are all facing several distribution, manufacturing, and possesion charges of cocaine, heroin, and marijuana.