Detention officials: report of escaped inmate a false alarm

Deputies with the J. Reuben Long Detention Center say they have called off their search for a possible escaped inmate.

Horry County Public Information Officer Lisa Bourcier says at 2:17pm, officials at the detention center got a phone call from an employee at the Home Health Services office nearby.

The caller said they had seen a man in what they thought was an orange jumpsuit behind the county's agriculture building.

The detention center issued an escape call and jail staff initiated their escape protocols.

Bourcier says a perimeter was set up for the search - extending out about a mile from the detention center. Horry County police's bloodhound tracking team helped in the search.

During the search, an old blue inmate worker top was located in the woods near the area where the caller thought they'd seen the escapee.

It was determined that the uniform had been in place for several weeks and was from a prior escape by an inmate in July.

All inmates in the facility were counted and accounted for so the search was called off at 2:50 pm.