Details from Boy Scout files that cite sexual abuse in Hartsville, Florence

We're learning more details about allegations of molestation and acts of perversion from confidential files from the Boy Scouts of America.

More than 14,000 pages of documents in the "Perversion Files" released Thursday showed most of the accused molesters were troop leaders and volunteers with the Boy Scouts.

The attorney in the case, Kelly Clark, has also included a database of previously confidential files. On that database are three cases from the Pee Dee. Two are from Hartsville, and one is from Florence. All date back to the 1960's. NewsChannel 15 was not able to confirm if any of the accused individuals were criminally charged, and we are not providing the names of the scoutmasters in this report. A search through the state sex offender registry also did not include the names of the individuals.

The first detailed account comes from the file of a scoutmaster from Troop 512 out of Hartsville. He was scoutmaster for 12 years, from 1953-1964. His file includes a letter of resignation dated April 6th. According to the letter, the scoutmaster's reason for resigning includes not having enough time because he had a desire to go back to college. It also says he was traveling often for business for his job at Sonoco.

The file also included a letter dated April 12th from Pee Dee Area Council Scout Executive Eugene J. Jones. According to the letter, the scoutmaster was removed for "acts of perversion committed on the persons of five scouts" after a father of two scouts in the troop complained. It goes on to say the complaint was substantiated by three other members of Troop 512. The letter also said the parents did not plan to prosecute.

The second confidential record sheet detailed a scoutmaster from Harstville BSA Troop 518. He was in his role for a year, from Feb. 28, 1966 to Feb. 28 1967. According to his file, he was also serving as a Big Brother in the Pee Dee Area Big Brother Association from August 25, 1966 to February 1, 1967. He was terminated from the Big Brother program after a caseworker in Hartsville was contacted by the 12-year-old Little Brother. According to the report, the man would invite the boy to his home on weekends to watch football games. Each week, the report says, the man would remove some clothing. The final straw was when the man removed all clothing and masturbated in front of the boy. The letter says the accusations were checked out by a Big Brother district chairman and the man's pastor, they concluded the boy was telling the truth.

The LA Times report is laid out on a spreadsheet that lists the year, city, and troop number the case fell under.

The 41 documented accounts of suspected abuse in South Carolina range from 1964 to 2002. On the LA Times database the suspected abusers in our area were not listed by name, but instead by a number.

It listed six reports in our area:

Hartsville - 1964 - Troop 512

Hartsville - 1967 - Troop 518

Florence - 1990 - Troop 408

Myrtle Beach - 1992 - Troop 861

Lumberton, NC - 1995 - Troop 313

Olanta - 2001 - Troop 479

In addition, we found a 7th case in our area that was in the attorney's database that was not in the LA times report.

It lists a man who was an Assistant Scoutmaster of Florence Troop 475 in August, 1968. It is unclear how long the man served. The report accused the man of making advances at "various" staff members during a Boy Scout camp training weekend. It says the man tried to get into the same bunk with staff members when they were asleep. The man also "open (ed) their sleeping bags, reach(ed) in and put his hands on their sex organs." It is unclear if the man was removed or resigned. It did note at the time the report was written that he was stationed in New Jersey with the Army.

We contacted the Pee Dee Council for the Boy Scouts, and were told the only person to speak with us on the issue was the Scout Executive, who would be out of town and unavailable until Monday.