Deputies say neglect led to pony's death

A pony had to be euthanized Thursday after the Florence Area Humane Society says it was neglected by its owner.

"I was appalled. I just never seen anything like it," said Jayne Boswell, President of the Florence Area Humane Society.

The pony's hooves hadn't been trimmed in years, Boswell said.

It had gotten so bad that the pony couldn't walk.

"The owner just never took care of the pony the way he should. And so the pony never received farrier care. The hooves curved around kind of like an elf shoe and curved around and around. At least one of the front legs of the hooves had actually begun to grow to the leg," Boswell explained.

The Williamsburg County Sheriff's Office has charged the pony's owner, Milton Shaw, Jr., with Animal Cruelty By Neglect.

Shaw is being held in the Williamsburg County Detention Center. His bail has been set at $2,000 bail.

Deputies removed the pony from Shaw's home Wednesday and placed it in the custody of the Florence Area Humane Society.

The Humane Society allowed it to stay at Luck Farms under the care of Denise Hughes.

Hughes says when she first saw the pony, she had a hard time believing what she was seeing.

"I lost my mind. When we drove up to the horse, the pony was in a hole. And he had made a circle where he had tried to get out, but couldn't. We managed to get him on the trailer and he couldn't walk. He did not have one good foot on him," said Hughes.

She adds a veterinarian looked at the pony and determined it would be best to put it down.

The news was heartbreaking for Hughes.

Hughes said, "He humanely euthanized him. And he's out of his pain. He's out of his pain now."