Deputies say man beat his girlfriend to death

Brian Mishue, 25, is charged with First Degree Murder in the death of his girlfriend, Geoneva Smith, 22, according to Scotland County Sheriff's Office Captain John Edwards.

Edwards said police think Mishue started beating Smith as he was driving on Highway 74 in Laurinburg Sunday. They're not sure if he may have stopped the car at one point and further assaulted her.

Edwards said that by the time the two got to their home on Quail Reese Drive outside of Laurinburg, Smith wasn't breathing and Mishue called 911.

An investigation later determined Mishue beat his girlfriend to death, according to Captain Edwards.

"It was probably one of the worst ones (beatings) I've seen with just a physical hand to hand thing," said Edwards.

Mishue is being held in the Scotland County Detention Center without bond.