Deputies investigate Dillon County nightclub fires

Deputies are investigating if two nightclub fires in Dillon County are related

The fire happened Wednesday afternoon at the Player's Nightclub on Dean Court in Dillon off of Highway Nine West.

Several people saw smoke and called 911.

The owner of the building says someone cut a hole in the roof and poured gasoline down the hole to start the fire.

Deputies with the Dillon County Sheriff's Office say there is video from surveillance cameras at the club.

They hope to gain clues from that video if it wasn't damaged in the fire.

In October, the Stables Nightclub on Highway Nine West, just down the street from the Player's Nightclub burned.

Investigators said it was intentionally set.

While deputies aren't sure if the fires are connected, some residents seem to think there's a connection.

"It just don't seem right seem like there might be something going on maybe spiteful work or something towards somebody for something, said Doris Matson.

"I believe it's an arsonist because it's in a very stable location and I hope somebody can solve this case," said James Page.

The Player's Nightclub is a very popular place in Dillon County.

More than 500 people show up every Saturday night.

Many of them are from Robeson County.

The club employs about 15 people.

The daughter of the woman who rents the building to run the club says the fire comes at a devastating time because of the holidays.

The State Law Enforcement Division Arson Team is working this case with the Dillon County Sheriff's Office.