Department of Revenue to use new program to screen tax returns

A new program has been put in place by the State Department of Revenue to help prevent fraudulent filings of income tax returns.

Any tax payer filing a return thought to be questionable or potentially fraudulent will get a letter requesting additional information, according to the Department of Revenue Spokesperson Samantha Cheek.

Cheek explains that tax payers can then either go online or call the revenue department to provide the additional information requested.

Once you contact the department, you will be asked questions only you would know the answers to and then your refund will be released.

Cheek says they are only estimating about five percent will have to go through the process, so this will not impact all tax payers.

This program is already being used in other states, Cheek added.

"Last year, Georgia's Department of Revenue implemented this program and they've stopped over 21 million dollars in fraudulent refunds from being issued."

DOR officials say they started discussing this program before last year's security breach that led to tax information being stolen from about 3.9 million tax payers.