Deadline approaches to register to vote

November is just around the corner, which means it's time for voters to start narrowing down who they want to vote for.

Along with election day approaching, so is the deadline to register to vote.

Currently there are 221,000 eligible voters in Horry County, but only 170,000 of them have registered.

Horry County Republican Party Chair Johnnie Bellamy says Horry County needs more voters in the booths come November.

"No matter which way they vote," said Bellamy. "They just need to participate in the democratic process."

Coastal Carolina University professor, Holly Tankersley, says the democratic process begins for voters with the national party conventions.

"This is the point where they really say 'the conventions, oh, the convention's here," said Tankersley. "That means it's time for me to think seriously about who I'm going to cast my vote for."

To vote you must register by October 6th. South Carolina is not a party registration state, so therefore you do not have to register with the party you intend to vote for.

"So you just register to vote," said Bellamy. "It doesn't matter what your affiliation is, does not matter at all."

There are several places you can register, including a form you can download here.

Bellamy says she has enlisted 100 volunteers at the Horry County GOP headquarters to make sure everyone in Horry County can be ready to vote.

"We have voter registration forms here, we can make copies if we run out, we hope we run out," said Bellamy.

You can also find more information about voting here.