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      Dead Dog employees get some financial help

      Picture of Dead Dog after the fire

      MURRELLS INLET, S.C. (WPDE) - The employees of Dead Dog Saloon, a local restaurant destroyed by a fire in late February, are getting some financial help.

      The group of workers with the Dead Dog Saloon each received a $905 check Friday afternoon.

      The money comes from a benefit held two weeks ago to help them since many have been out of work since the fire.

      The community raised $34,000 at the benefit. Workers say the money will help them make ends meet.

      "I tell you what this is Good Friday today and it's definitely a wonderful Friday I couldn't ask for better the community has been so wonderful to us," says Cindy Roberts, a Dead Dog employee.

      " I've lived here almost my whole life and I've never seen nothing like that. They cared so much to help all of us out that's lost their jobs I don't know how to put it in words. It's just the greatest thing ever ," added Lexi Boren-Palmer, a Dead Dog employee.

      The rebuilding of the Dead Dog Saloon is ahead of schedule and will open in June.

      All employees are expected to return to work.