Darlington County Sheriff: Deputy resigns over murder warrant scandal

Andy Lockalair, in a February 2014 interview with WPDE.

Andy Locklair, a deputy with the Darlington County Sheriff's Office, has resigned after failing to follow procedure on a murder warrant and attempting to cover up that fact, according to Darlington County Sheriff Wayne Byrd.

Locklair was the case officer on the Michelle Haggadone murder. A body was found in 2000, but it wasn't identified as Haggadone's until 2011. In 2011, a DNA match led investigators to John Boyer, Sheriff Byrd said, and Boyer confessed to Haggadone's murder. Boyer was already in a North Carolina prison linked to two other murder.

In our 2011 story on Haggadone, we reported that Boyer had been charged based on information from the sheriff's office.

But, in an email to us Friday, Sheriff Byrd said Locklair failed to process the paperwork that would have enabled Boyer to be charged and returned to Darlington County at some point to stand trial.

"The moment I learned about this lapse, I took immediate steps to rectify the mistakes," Byrd wrote. "Boyer is scheduled to be released from a North Carolina prison sometime around July 2015. Tennessee is next in line to try him for a murder there. After he serves his time in Tennessee, he will be returned to Darlington County, where he will stand trial and be held accountable for the heinous crime he committed here.

While I am saddened by Mr. Locklair's conduct in this matter, our ability to charge Boyer, return him to this jurisdiction and try him was never in jeopardy or doubt and I am confident that he will spend the rest of his life behind bars."

Sheriff Byrd says Locklair will not face any criminal charges.