Darlington County DEU arrest two on drug charges

Antonio Anderson

Darlington County DEU agents arrested Anthony Gattison Jr., 21, and Antonio Anderson, 20, both of Florence Wednesday night on drug charges of possession with intent to distribute cocaine, and possession of ecstasy.

The drugs were in small quantities and packaged for sale.

The two were pulled over by DEU agents on Woodbridge Rd. in Darlington.

As agents were talking to the two, drugs were discovered on both of them. Gattison then fled the scene on foot as agents chased him in into a nearby wooded area.

"Gattison was arrested after he ran into a small pond in the dark. He was in up to his knees before he gave up. Anderson at the same time tried to run as well but was stopped by agents before he could get away" said Sheriff Wayne Byrd.

Anderson and Gattison were both arrested and taken to the Darlington County Detention Center and are awaiting bond.

Anthony Gattison is charged with possession with intent to distribute cocaine and resisting arrest.

Antonio Anderson is charged with possession of a scheduled 1 controlled substance and resisting arrest.