Darlington County Council gives its county administrator the boot

Darlington County Council voted to fire its County Administrator, Dale Surrett, Monday during its regular scheduled council meeting, according to Council Chairman Wesley Blackwell.

Blackwell said the termination is effective immediately and Surrett is expected to clear out his office Tuesday.

He added Darlington County Economic Development Director Frank Willis has been named as a stand in for Surrett until an interim county administrator is named.

Council voted two weeks ago not to renew Surrett's contract, but wasn't clear on if he would remain on board until his contact was up.

Blackwell said two weeks ago Surrett's firing was because of personal differences with five members of council.

"I think Dale is doing an excellent job. He is very professional and very knowledgeable about county government. And he's done a good job to push Darlington County forward. There were personal differences with five members of council. It's so sad because we should not let a personal difference affect the growth of Darlington County. I think it's certainly a deterrent to what we're trying to do in Darlington County," said Blackwell.

Surrett's salary was a little more than $100,000 a year.

Surrett has been Darlington County Administrator since January 2011.

He was administrator in Oconee County prior to coming to Darlington County.