CUE Center Search team: The unsung heroes of the missing person search


Community United Effort. The three words speak volumes, but put together they create an acronym called CUE that many may not know.

There's a CUE Center Search Team. It's a group of volunteers who help families all over the nation to find their missing loved ones.

George and Cyndi Graham are the president and secretary of the CUE Center. They, their dogs, and thousands of volunteers join law enforcement to put in countless hours of help to fill the empty spaces in the hearts of families across the country.

"A lot of times we don't go out unless law enforcement calls us where they have a specific tip. Especially with a case that's gone cold. So, we don't solicit cases, we don't go knocking on somebody's door when their loved ones go missing we do have to follow a certain protocol," said Cyndi Graham.

It takes a lot of steps to get the Grahams on the case, starting with police reports and registering with CUE. Once the search starts, keeping up with details is vital for both human and K9 searchers.

"I make a daily log with my tracks, with my notes, so in case that day comes when I do get called into court, I do have everything in a log book," said Cyndi.

Despite what's put into the process, there are some who still enjoy being a part of this group of unsung heroes

"It's sort of a strange gratification. It's a sad occasion of course but it gives you some what of a gratification that you did help," said George.

No matter the time, weather, terrain, or even dangerous wildlife, their dedication doesn't waver.

"You get cut up and skinned up from going in the woods but it's something I just do. I don't think about it," said George.

The husband and wife team have been on countless searches. Five of those searches have been successful, including this week's search for Randy Davis. Families have been given at least a little closure knowing where their loved ones are. All thanks to law enforcement and CUE.

"They're not paid a dime, they don't ask for anything, they don't want to be on the news, they just want to go do that and that's kind of where we're all at"

If you're thinking about helping out, the Grahams say they're always looking for more help.

For more information on how to join or donate you can head to

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