Criminals beware: National Night Out was in full force along Grand Strand

A slew of crime-fighting, block parties hit the Grand Strand for the 31st annual National Night Out Tuesday.

It's one night where different members of the community can connect. In particular, it's a chance for law enforcement and residents to bond and strengthen their relationships in a friendly, non-threatening environment.

"They're more trusting of our law enforcement folks, so you get more crime solved, and that I think in the long run creates prevention," said Myrtle Beach City Councilman Randal Wallace.

Police will help prevent crime by giving residents helpful advice so they're not victims of crimes, such as car break-ins and house burglaries, according to Myrtle Beach Crime Prevention Officer Henry Bresadola.

Bresadola says the number of National Night Out events have increased in the City of Myrtle Beach over years. He says there were 15 events this year, which is up from a few years ago when there were 11.

Myrtle Beach was one of many cities and towns throughout the state that held this event.

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National Night Out has been an annual event since1984.