Crews continue to fight fire, warn of more "flare ups"

Embers continued to burn Tuesday in Carolina Forest as crews with the SC Forestry Commission continued to work to contain the fire.

Crews with the South Carolina Forestry Commission say they expect some flare ups this afternoon from the weekend fire in the Carolina Forest area.

Fire crews tell NewsChannel 15 that they are also worried about the potential impact of Wednesday's weather on the fire, as high winds are expected. But crews are hoping for rain on Thursday.

Mike Ney, a Regional supervisor with the Forestry Commission, says they expect the weather conditions to spark those flare ups. Monday, the fire that began this weekend rekindled about seven acres away from the original fire after embers from that fire were carried by the wind before igniting.

The flare ups are expected from the Monday's rekindled fire and not the original one, which fire crews says is contained.

Forestry Commission spokesman Scott Hawkins says it's called a "spot over," and it's when the fire flares up inside the containment area and embers land outside the containment area.

Forestry commission bulldozers are in the area of the fires working to create containment lines around the rekindled fire. Officials say they are having some challenges maneuvering the bulldozers because the soil in the area they're working in is wet, which is slowing the machinery down.

Spot airplanes are also helping in the effort as they gather aerial views and pass information down to crews on the ground, directing the bulldozers where to make their containment lines.

No cause has been determined for the original fire.