Crash victims remembered fondly

Neighbors of Eva Sullivan, 70, say she and her husband have come to the Grand Strand for the past several years to spend January and February in a warmer climate.

Sullivan was killed when a plane crashed into her RV at Briarcliffe RV Resort in North Myrtle Beach Tuesday.

The Sullivans are described as great neighbors and engaged members of the community.

"They were a very close couple. I know they walked every day together and they had lived in Sunapee for years and years," said Karen Maiolo, the Sullivans' neighbor in Sunappe, New Hampshire.

Neighbors Bob and Joyce Buswell say Eva Sullivan was a down-to-earth woman, sincere and caring and she always helped out in the neighborhood.

A flight instructor who taught the pilot killed in Tuesday's crash says Kenneth Thode was an experienced pilot.

Bill Leppert says he taught Thode three years ago. Leppert says Thode has had instrument rating qualifications for two years. Leppert says that requires much more training than your standard pilot's license.

He says Thode stayed in a vacation home in the Grand Strand area during the winter. "He's a guy that was attentive to detail. He was meticulous in how he cared for his plane. He was partially retired. He'd come down here to vacation, fly frequently back and fourth from Massachusetts. So he's got pretty good experience for a private pilot.

The National Transportation Safety Board is waiting for pilot records from the Federal Aviation Administration that detail Thode's flight history.

The NTSB plans to hold a press conference at 2 p.m. Thursday with more details on the crash. We'll bring you those updates here on and on Your News at 6 p.m.