Couple upset over Sam's Corner rounding on bills

A Myrtle Beach couple is upset for being over charged two cents at

local restaurant.

On the

ir Sam's Corner

receipt, it comes up as "due rounding" and the South Carolina Department of Consumer affairs says it isn't necessarily illegal.

Due Rounding is when an establishment- often one that is cash only, rounds your bill to the nearest nickel.

Tina and Charles Pecoraro say they noticed the charge on their Sam's Corner receipt from Sunday, and even if it's just a couple of cents, that could add up.

Our Newschannel 15 crew purchased a lunch from Sam's Corner Monday, and our bill rounded down two cents.

We spoke to Sam's Corner's co-owners on the phone and they say they are cash only and want to avoid pennies, so they round.

One co-owner added that sometimes the register rounds up, sometimes it rounds down, and he didn't see a problem with what they were doing.

Juliana Harris with the South Carolina Department of Consumer Affairs says rounding in and of itself isn't illegal, as long and the policy is posted.

"We start looking around the restaurant to see if there is any signs at the register or if anyone's noticed it and nothing," Charles Pecoraro said.

"There's no sign postage, that really upsets me. That's kind of shady," Tina Pecoraro said.

Last month Chipotle, a

tex-mex chain

changed it's policies of rounding up after customers complained to the media.