Couple to marry five times in Myrtle Beach

Lisa Gant and Alex Pelling

Alex Pelling and Lisa Gant keep getting married. To each other. 31 times as of Monday evening.

The couple is from Yorkshire England. They say the wanted to travel and had an idea to get married in every country, sticking with local tradition and culture in each.

But, they decided to have multiple weddings in the United States. According to Lisa, "The thing with the states is that its so different from top to bottom, right to left, you know, it changes so much and its so much to experience."

While in Myrtle Beach they reached out to Michel August Photography and are putting together a flash mob to celebrate their wedding on Wednesday.

A squad has been practicing for three months in the hopes to break a record for the largest flash mob.

Event planner Kelly Catron says it's about more than just the flash mob, "Really just to be a part of the whole thing for Alex and Lisa was just an honor to be asked to put it together."

That last wedding happens behind The Big D Theater at Broadway at the Beach on Wednesday with the flash mob to immediately follow.

If you'd like to be a part of the flash mob click here.

To help Alex and Lisa raise money for UNICEF, click here.

Alex and Lisa have been traveling for a year and a half and plan to wrap things up in the summer of 2014 in Australia.