Couple houses Windsor Green fire victims after similar experience

Two weeks after the fire that destroyed 109 condos in Carolina Forest, victims Joshua and Tatiana Rickman are still grieving.

"For about 15 minutes I sat there and watched our building burn," said Joshua.

After the fire, the Rickman's traveled to stay with Joshua's parents in Greenville, but their jobs required them to come back to Myrtle Beach.

"We didn't know what to do," said Joshua.

However, family friends, Mary and Tom Andrews knew exactly what to do.

"Our house, our new house, is your new house for a while," said Mary Andrews.

The Andrews' lost their own home in October to an electrical fire. They are now in a temporary home while they are fixing theirs, but decided to house the Rickman's anyway.

"We were here to kind of guide them and say look at us, we're five months afterwards. You'll be here too. It's going to be okay," said Mary Andrews.

The Rickman's moved in to a new apartment Sunday afternoon, but they have the Andrews to lean on.