Couple charged with the Murder of Heather Elvis

Horry County police filed murder charges Monday against two people arrested last week in connection with Heather Elvis' disappearance two months ago.

Sidney Moorer, 38, and Tammy Moorer, 41, are now charged with Murder, Kidnapping, Obstruction of Justice and Indecent Exposure.

At a press conference Monday, authorities were careful to not reveal information they believed might jeopardize the case.

But they said from the day 20-year-old cosmetology student was first reported missing December 19, investigators began taking a close look at the Moorers as potential suspects in her disappearance.

Police say they know there was a relationship between the Moorers and Elvis.

"That was established throughout the course of the investigation as well," said Horry County Police Chief Saundra Rhodes.

But at this stage in the investigation, 15th Circuit Solicitor Jimmy Richardson isn't saying much about the nature of the relationship, nor is Richardson revealing what police have found so far that led them to file murder charges against the Moorers.

"What that evidence is, the combination of evidence that's been put together over the last couple of months, we necessarily have to keep it really tight-fisted at the present time," Richardson said.

The solicitor says police found evidence on the Moorers' property that corroborated some things they already thought about the case.

Police say investigators are communicating with the Moorers through their attorneys, but so far that communication has not led police to finding Elvis.

"No, we have not located Heather, that is something that we are still looking for," Rhodes told reporters.

The outreach to the community for more information about where Elvis is will continue, says Richardson.

"This investigation continues to be very fluid and we continue to seek the help of anybody that will help us."

Richardson says if authorities had any good idea where Elvis is they would have found her by now, though he praised Horry County police, the State Law Enforcement Division, the Elvis family and the CUE Center for Missing Persons for doing a good job in trying to find her.