Couple arrested for child neglect after police find drug paraphernalia


EMS was sent to Fawn Vista Drive in Surfside Beach Thursday to assist Danielle Kitchen, 22, who was going into labor. EMS asked for police assistance for a two-year-old child that was at the home.

Horry County Police tried to talk with Kitchen, but an incident report says she was not able to communicate with them.

EMS took Kitchen to the hospital, where she gave birth.

Police stayed at the home to find clothes for the two-year-old child.

While trying to find clothes for the child, police noticed "disturbing conditions" inside the home. The sink was full of dishes with mold and bugs in it. There were pots on the back porch with moldy food in them. A bathroom had urine and feces in it, with a note that said it had been clogged since Christmas, according to the police report.

Police also found several hypodermic needles, and a broken glass pipe in another bathroom, according to the report.

Once in the child's bedroom, police found a 26-inch sword on the child's dresser.

Kitchen's bedroom also had three pipes and a push rod device in it, according to the report.

Police noticed the child's father Joshua Jordan, 24, drive by the home and later pulled him over in a traffic stop, according to the report.

Jordan gave the police several different stories about the state of the apartment.

Police checked Jordan's criminal history and it showed he was on parole for heroin distribution, according to a report.

Police arrested both Jordan and Kitchen and charged them with Unlawful Neglect of a Child.

The two-year-old child and the newborn were both taken into DSS custody.