Couple accused of hoarding 27 cats sentenced to 30 days

A Myrtle Beach couple charged with hoarding 27 cats in their home pleaded guilty in Myrtle Beach Municipal Court on Wednesday and will serve 30 days in jail, according to Myrtle Beach Clerk of Court Shelly C. Askey.

Debra Goulding, 54, and William Goulding, 51, were arrested charged on Sunday with Abandoning/Mistreating Animals.

In Wednesday's trial, the couple was also told that they are not allowed to own any animals of any kind for 27 months.

They are also ordered to pay the Grand Strand Humane Society $1,420 for having to treat 14 of the cats found and euthanize the one's that were untreatable.

Myrtle Beach police say when they responded to the home off Highway 15, they found the 27 cats inside and 2 of them were dead.

They added that the home was covered with cat feces.