County voters decide whether to become part of Myrtle Beach

A map of the proposed annexation area.

Some voters in Horry County decided they do want to be annexed into the City of Myrtle Beach.

The vote was 56 to 24 in favor of the annexation.

There are 186 registered voters in the two precincts, Coastal Lane #2 and Sea Oats #2.

About 600 acres of land that includes two subdivisions and several businesses will be added to the city.

But some businesses in the impacted area are against the annexation, saying it will mean a dramatic increase in their business license fees.

Freddie Hyatt, the owner of Hyatt Buick, said the annexation will cost him around $35,000 a year in additional license fees.

Hyatt also pointed out that he and the other impacted dealerships had no voice in the annexation process since only residents could vote.

The annexation area includes the Waterside and Bridgeport subdivisions. Myrtle Beach city spokesman Mark Kruea said the area starts at the Waterside Subdivision, which is north of the airport but between U.S. 17 and the Waterway, and runs north along U.S. 17 between the Waterway and Mr. Joe White Avenue.