Could number of people allowed in Ocean Boulevard bars change?

Myrtle Beach is considering restricting the number of people allowed in Ocean Boulevard bars.

Myrtle Beach city spokesman Mark Kruea says the ordinance would only affect establishments that make the bulk of their profit off of alcohol sales, such as nightclubs and oceanfront bars.

The ordinance as it is now would restrict patrons to 150.

That could change as the ordinance makes its way through various committees.

The city says there are often problems when a bar lets everyone out when it closes in the early morning hours, and it's trying to keep the noise down because people are sleeping in Ocean Boulevard hotels.

Gil Ribenbach, general manager of Eighth Avenue Tiki Bar and Grille on Ocean Boulevard in Myrtle Beach, said he's concerned about what the ordinance would mean for his business.

"We're a city that runs off tourists. We're a seasonal town, and you're telling me during those periods of time I can't maximize my profits? So I might as well not even open a business," Ribenbach said.

He also said limiting the number of people inside of the bars will cause more problems outside of the bars.

"Throw out a hypothetical. There's 150 people that go into 3 locations, and there's an X amount of people that ok, now they can't get in. What are they going to do? They're going roam the streets. They're going to make the streets a mess," Ribenbach said.

While the rules are in discussion, Ocean Boulevard bars are being held to the 150 people restriction.