Cost of Powerball ticket the same as a meal at Street Reach

Millions of Powerball tickets were sold leading up to the winning numbers being announced Wednesday evening, but Street Reach felt there was a better way those millions could have spent their money.

"For one day, $4.50 is all it takes to feed all these people," said Street Reach Director Hal Rich.

At Street Reach they help around 150 people a day. The services are all inclusive, they feed them, provide them laundry services, and put a roof over their heads.

"We could easily double that, with the right funds," said Rich.

One fund that doubled Wednesday was the Powerball jackpot number, with the final pot coming in at more than $550 million.

"It's a special day," said Hillary Chang.

Chang buys a powerball ticket once a week, and Wednesday, she hoped she was the winner.

When asked if she knew that the money she spent on a ticket could feed one person at Street Reach, she was shocked and offered part of the jackpot if she won.

"I'll donate some if I win," said Chang.

If 1,000 people bought a ticket in Horry County, the minimum amount of money spent on Powerball would be $2,000. An amount Rich says could boost his charity.

"It would have funded our budget," said Rich.