Coroner's inquest finds Darlington drownings accidental

A coroner's inquest into the deaths of two boys who drowned in a Darlington city public pool found the boys deaths were accidental.

The inquest took place at the Darlington County Courthouse Thursday afternoon.

Coroner Todd Hardee wanted an inquest done to determine the manner of death for 14-year-old Justin McKay and his 13-year-old cousin Timquan "Maleek" McAllister.

They drowned last month at the city pool.

About 25 witnesses took the stand, including EMS officials, lifeguards, police, state health regulators, and fire officials.

One the the lifeguards, who is also a police officer, told the inquest jury what happened when they saw the young men at the bottom of the pool.

"As I looked, I could see two objects in the water from where I was standing. I could not see or make out what it was. Jordan Cox went in. As he came back up, he had one of the boys. That was Justin. I helped get him out of the water," said Sergeant Ken Sumner.

After questions from those in the community about how quickly CPR was started on the boys, the coroner showed police dash cam video to the jury and those in attendance.

It shows Sergeant Sumner and the other lifeguards performing CPR on the teenagers. They tried for nearly 15 minutes to revive the boys.

The results of the inquest aren't binding.

State police continue to investigate the incident.