Cooling centers set in Marion

Marion City Administrator Alan Ammons says they've established cooling centers at the Watsonia Recreational Complex on Recreation Drive and the Marion City Fire Department on South Main Street during this extreme heat.

Ammons says Watsonia will be open during the daytime hours and the fire department will be open 24 hours a day. He says there will be plenty of water at both cooling centers for residents.

Ammons adds the city wants to do what it can to help people who may have little or no air conditioning in their homes.

Police are also patrolling communities to make sure their older residents are OK in the heat.

Officers say many older residents don't use their air conditioners to save on their electric bills and they're not fully aware of the dangers of the heat.

Corporal Anthony Bacchuss stopped by the homes of Miriam Woods and Lillie Phillips. Both say their air conditioners are working fine and appreciated Bacchuss checking on them.

"It makes me feel like somebody care," said Lillie Phillips.

"It lets me know they all are on they jobs and are concerned about the citizens in Marion," said Miriam Woods.

Cpl. Bacchuss adds they want to do all they can help residents in what's expected to be the hottest weather we've seen all year.