Cooler weather disappoints, 'cools off' business sales

April 1st is just two days away, and Spring is here according to the calendar.

However, Sunday's weather along the Grand Strand did not feel much like it.

Strong wind gusts, cooler temperatures and cloudy skies were all contributing factors, according to WPDE NewsChannel 15 Meteorologist Gerard Jebaily.

There were 35 mile-per-hour wind gusts in most areas, said Jebaily.

Also, areas along the ocean had much cooler air temperatures, because of the cold water temperatures.

The ocean temperature was around 57 degrees Fahrenheit on Sunday.

Early morning cloud coverage contributed to the lower temperatures, as well.

Many people along the beach and boardwalk in Myrtle Beach on Sunday said they were surprised by this weather.

"It's even cold in flip flops though. My feet are freezing. It shouldn't be like this," said Taylor Campson.

Many people like Campson were bundled up in sweatshirts and jackets.

The cooler weather not only affected the way people were dressing. It also has affected business' sales.

"This time last year it was actually warm. It was actually good out sales were up. Now they're down about 20 percent from last years," said Zach Hunt, who works at the Rock and Roll Factory on Ocean Boulevard.

Hunt said he isn't worried about the decline in sales, because it will not last long once the summer weather strikes.