Conway teenager Wesley Baker's recovery inspires thousands

A Conway teenager's road to recovery continues to captivate the hearts and minds of thousands from across the country.

An 18-wheeler struck Wesley Baker as he walked along Highway 701 in Conway last July.

Wesley was a football player and rising senior at Conway High School at the time.

He came out of it alive, but Wesley sustained severe brain damage, internal injuries, and lost his right leg.

"It feels like it's fake. Like bad things aren't supposed to happen to good people," said Wesley's sister Katelyn when we talked to her after the accident in July.

Wesley and his family have been through a lot since then.

He has undergone several operations and countless rehabilitation treatments in North Carolina.

He was finally able to return to his childhood home 103 days later to continue his fight to get better.

A Facebook prayer chain page created to honor him after the accident has more than 11,000 likes.

Wesley's mother Debbie actively updates the website with pictures and videos of him making progress.

You can watch Wesley's fight to recover in a WPDE NewsChannel 15 special report. Click on the video box above to watch that.

To help Wesley on his road to recovery, click here.