Conway Police officer arrested by Horry County Police

Sandroy John Edwards


A Conway police officer was arrested Thursday evening for Criminal Domestic Violence.

This was Sandroy John Edwards' first offense, he was released the same day on $1,000 bond.

On Thursday around 3 a.m., an Horry County police officer was dispatched to a domestic dispute. Dispatch did inform him that the victim said her husband was beating her and was bleeding, according to a police report.

When the officer arrived he said Edwards appeared to be intoxicated, said an officer.

The victim, Edwards' wife, said her and Edwards were fighting over a car crash she got into Wednesday.

The police officer said he found a hole in the wall in the bedroom of Edwards' home, and blood on the floor, bed sheets, and around the bathroom. The officer also said Edwards' wife had dry blood on her lips and right arm near her shoulder.

Edwards' wife told police she refused to sign a victim's right form, stating she was not a victim.

Bill Graham, the city administrator did confirm that Edwards is a police officer with Conway.

Graham was not sure on how long he had been with the department, but said Edwards has not been on duty since the arrest.

Horry County police conducted the arrest, according to Graham.

Graham said there will be an investigation to determine Edwards' future employment with the department.

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