Conway mothers ask Horry County to ban bath salts

Two Conway parents asked Horry County Council Tuesday night to ban the synthetic drug known as bath salts.

Gale Brown and Beth Barnhill asked Horry County Council to ban bath salts from being sold.

"I have children," Barnhill said to council. "and I am worried for them."

These are not salts that go in your bath tub, these contain an hallucinogenic stimulant similar to PCP and they're sold at gas stations and convenience stores in small packets. When ingested, the substance causes hallucinations, can shut down the liver and sometimes result in death.

"I hope they take it off the shelf. That's what I want," Barnhill said.

"It's killing their brain cells, it's destroying their futures, we're losing lives. We've got to have an awakening here," Brown said.

The two have started a facebook page against bath salts. They say the page has grown by more than a thousand members in a week.

Horry County Council will discuss a possible ban at a committee of the whole meeting Tuesday September 13th at 9 a.m. Brown and Barnhill plan to attend that meeting and lobby council again. They also plan to lobby Georgetown county council as well.

Bath Salts have been banned in Chesterfeild County, Andrews, and Johnsonville.

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