Conway man's homemade turkey caller business takes off

For more than 20 years, one Conway man's calling has been to handcraft turkey callers out of wood and with turkey season in full swing, it's turning out to be quite a profitable business.

After several attempts at building the right one, he said he was able to perfect it and it didn't take long before Thomas' friends and family wanted turkey callers of their own.

"It got to the point that people said you make me one and I'll pay you for it if you make me one," Thomas explained.

Thomas said as the years went by, he started to get calls from all over the country and even in Canada. So he started to make even more callers and people kept buying them.

But, he explained that learning how to use one could take some time and a little bit of practice.

"You got to sit there and practice just like when I made my first one and sat in the house, my wife would get so aggravated with me 'cuz I would sit in the house working that thing, I wish you would hush up that thing, it's running me nuts in here."

Thomas explained that he learned how to get the best sound out of his handmade masterpieces by listening to wild turkeys for years.

The more callers Thomas made, the more he would get letters from satisfied customers from all over the country.

"Just this past month in March I sold 30 something turkey callers," Thomas said.

Thomas said he's not about to stop, either.

"I will stop making turkey callers when they lat me beneath the dirt. As long as people want them, I will keep making them."