Controlled burn causing heavy smoke in Horry County

A haze has settled over Carolina Forest and other areas near Conway due to a controlled burn by the SC Forestry Commission.

The South Carolina Forestry Commission is conducting a 125 acre controlled hazard reduction fire in the Carolina Forest vicinity.

The American Timberland Company owns land between Highway 905 and Highway 90 off of Old Reeves Ferry Road where the burn is taking place.

However 15 miles away in Carolina Forest and Wild Wing Boulevard there were reports of heavy smoke in the area.

"We definitely regret that. Sometimes we're playing with the weather which is a rolling ball so to speak," said SC Forester Mike Ney.

The reason for the control burn is simple. It removes natural fuels like pine needles, vines, and shrubs that could help a wildfire grow. It also helps create vegetation for animals.

"The more we do these controlled burns in the area wrapping around Carolina Forest, then the safer Carolina Forest will be for wildfire protection," said Ney.

Foresters are worried about control burns in the future because of how heavily populated Horry County and the Pee Dee are getting.

"There's actually been areas that we've had to stop control burning because of too many highways or apartment complexes, again those smoke sensitive areas," said Ney.

You can see where all the control burns in South Carolina by clicking here.