Construction underway for NMB Coastal North Town Center

The Robber's Roost Golf Course is now being constructed into the new Coastal North Town Center in North Myrtle Beach after more than a decade of being vacant.

Nearby residents are hearing a lot of construction noise, but majority of them don't mind.

"It's no problem, I mean that's just part of getting anything new, you're going to have construction," said Benny Kesterson, a resident at Shadow Moss.

The hustle and bustle even caught the attention of Gene Eaton, who's looking to buy a house in North Myrtle Beach.

Eaton says the construction is enticing. "The construction here wouldn't stop me from buying."

However, not all residents agree with the town center. Al Ford, who has lived in Fox Hollow for 25 years says he doesn't want a commercialized center behind his home.

"No I'm not for it; you take people along golf view, my neighbors all along through here all the way down to the ocean, they don't want to see it," said Ford.

The developer spoke with various residents to take care of many of those concerns said Pat Dowling, spokesperson for North Myrtle Beach.

"They'll be erecting berms, and walls; directing lighting the way it's suppose to be directed, so we think we got all that solved," said Dowling.

The general consensus is positive.

"Nothing is wrong with it. It's helping our community out. We're going to get a shopping center close to us, so we won't have to drive as far," said Kesterson.

For now, Ford is adjusting.

"You see some of the equipment sitting down there; there you are. There's nothing we can do," said Ford.

Sometime in 2014, 13 tenants will be open for business.

The groundbreaking will be October 21. That's when they'll announce every store that will be in the town center.