Construction underway for 'Bike the Neck' bike path extension

The Bike the Neck bike path that starts in Murrells Inlet near the county line and runs along Highway 17 ending near Hagley in Pawleys Island is being extended on Waverly Road and Kings River Road, costing an estimated $1.5 million.

"It will pass by All Saints Church come down from Willbrook, and then it will go down past Waccamaw Elementary School," said Jackie Broach, a spokesperson for Georgetown County.

Once the path on Waverly Road is completed, Waccamaw Elementary School students can ride their bikes to class.

"A way to encourage kids to get out, get healthy and ride their bikes to school," said Broach.

Other riders are getting exercise by riding on the existing path.

"It is probably the best maintained bike path that I've ever seen," said Nancy Thornton, a local cyclist.

The new section under construction is expected to be completed in November of 2014.

Once that is completed, they'll focus on completing the path from Pawleys Island to Georgetown.

Broach says much of the money came from private donors and grants.