Construction on track at new MYR terminal

The new terminal at Myrtle Beach International Airport is less than six months away from opening.

The building is set to be complete next February and when it's finished, the new Myrtle Beach International will have 13 gates, including the seven it has now.

Construction recently reached a landmark, as all of the new terminal is now under roof and more than 90 percent of the glass is up. Walls for offices and conference rooms are going up and some of the sheetrock is nearly ready to paint.

Take one step inside what will be the main lobby of the new terminal and it's obvious the new building will be much larger than the current airport, which has less than 150,000 square feet of space.

"In the new facility, it's about 347,000 square feet, so the public space will actually double in size," said airport marketing director Kirk Lovell.

Much of that extra space will be used for purposes like baggage handling. Some of the conveyors and carousels are already in place and nearing completion.

The new terminal will also have more room for passengers to get through security.

"There's a lot more space to queue, so when you're standing in line waiting your turn to go through the process, there's more space for the TSA officers to work and perform their duties and there's a lot more space beyond," Lovell said.

The second floor of the new terminal will feature a Dunkin' Donuts shop and Lovell said the new terminal will have many eating options and amenities that the present terminal does not.

"There's definitely going to be a nice selection of local and national brands in the new facility, so you'll have that local flavor that you get here in Myrtle Beach, plus there'll be the national brands you find everywhere."

Outside, the new rental car facility is close to completion and scheduled to open next month.

"Everything's moving along smoothly and we're excited for the opening," Lovell said.