Construction leads to traffic changes at MYR

Starting Monday morning, how you get into the Myrtle Beach International Airport will be changing.

Airport Marketing Director Lauren Morris says drivers will make a right turn into the Airport Service Road entrance at the new intersection of Harrelson and Hwy 15.

A four-way stop sign will be in place. Traffic going to Highway 15 will continue to make a left hand turn at the intersection, but there will no longer be traffic entering the airport directly from Harrelson Boulevard.

All Airport traffic will be routed through the new Airport Service Road entrance via the right hand turn only.

Horry County Police will be there to help with traffic flow. There is a posted 15 mph speed limit.

Getting out of the airport will still be the same, but drivers will have to go through the new four-way stop sign.

More changes will be announced as construction on the new terminal continues.