Confusion continues in Atlantic Beach over "vacant" council seat

The confusion over whether Atlantic Beach has a new town councilman continued Monday night at their town hall meeting.

Within the first five minutes of the meeting, council members Carolyn Cole and Wendy Price walked out and did not come back, because they were upset Josephine Isom was sitting as a council member.

Last year, council voted to remove Isom from her office for not doing her job.

Therefore, the town's election commission set an election for last week to fill the seat, and announced John Sketers was the winner.

There was a fraction of town leaders, including Mayor Jake Evans and Town Manager William Booker who say none of that was valid.

"I don't know of anybody here who has voted for Mr. Sketers, but I know of plenty of people who have voted for Josephine Isom to the tune of 95%," Evans said.

"The first step for us is to try to get a legitimate governing body at the table with Mr. Sketers seated and Isom away from the table," Carolyn Cole added.

Sketers was not at the meeting.