Committee says no proof Latta Police Chief was fired for being gay

Crystal Moore at a previous hearing

A grievance committee for the Town of Latta found that there was no proof the former Latta Police Chief, Crystal Moore was fired for being gay.

But because the committee's vote on what to do was split 2-2, the committee said it would make no recommendation about further action, according to a report supplied by the Latta Town Clerk.

The committee met May 22 and reviewed the reprimands and phone records from Moore's town phone.

Moore was fired by Mayor Earl Bullard on April 15.

Moore claims that she was fired for being an openly gay woman. Bullard has said he had just cause to fire her based on several reprimands she had received for questioning the authority of a supervisor, contacting the news media to bring disorder to the town of Latta and not maintaining order at council meetings.

The town council met a few days after Moore was fired and said they could not vote to reinstate Moore to her position because under the current form of government, which is a strong-mayor weak-council, they do not have the authority to do so.

At the grievance committee hearing on May 19, Moore's Attorney, Malissa Burnette, said the reprimands were unjust and that Moore wants to be rehired as police chief.