Comedian Chris Rock's mom shares the art of parenting

Raising ten kids has made Rose Rock somewhat of an expert.

"I don't have to put degrees behind my name. I'm a M.O.M.," said Rock.

That expertise is why the Conway based UPWARD group asked her to share advice to a group of parents at Conway High School about the unique challenges that they may face.

"It's not supposed to be easy," said Rock. "If you raise two kids, it's not easy. If you raise one kid well, it's not easy."

Rock didn't spend much time talking about her son that most know. She's often talking about her other nine children that aren't as famous.

"My claim to fame is Chris Rock's mom, but I'm so much more than that," she said. "I have raised ten children, seven birthed children and three given children who all went on to be very very very successful."

The drive she's used to raise ten children inspired her to write a book on her experiences as a parent.

"There is such a need now to reach out to parents to not only be better parents but to be better advocates to their children. Our children are in crisis mode."

Rock believes the crisis starts somewhere close.

"We are the one to filter everything that they are exposed to. Everything that they see or whatever," said Rock. "My kids listened to X-rated CD's or whatever, but it was also up to me to listen and say hey, did you hear what he said. This is not acceptable."

Advice like that is what brought Jamie Gerald of Conway and several others to the seminar.

Gerald even brought her own children to learn from Rock's experiences.

"What they hear today from the different speakers will lead them to be successful parents one day," said Gerald.

"When I leave, I want my children to carry on my legacy," said Rock who preaches the school of hard parenting. "My thing is a lot of rules a lot of structure and a lot of love."