Combating the common cold: What works and what doesn't

October is usually the start of cold and flu season in our area, which means many people try to nurse themselves back to health.

Donna Dowdall from Myrtle Beach said she will drink hot tea with honey as a medicinal way to cure her cold.

However, some popular methods work better than others.

WPDE NewsChannel 15 asked Dr. Ron Reynolds, who works at Beach Urgent Care, if honey is actually an effective treatment.

He said there is a lot of literature available that supports the use of honey to soothe colds, but there is just as much information that doesn't support its cold-fighting properties.

Along with hot tea and honey, Dr. Reynolds said the benefits of drinking liquids with Vitamin C and sipping on chicken noodle soup are also questionable.

"Well, it depends on whose grandmother is making that chicken noodle soup," Dr. Reynolds said jokingly.

However joking aside, he said the fact that people are taking steps necessary to get themselves healthy again is a positive thing.

"Looking at the whole picture, what you're really starting to see is people taking care of themselves and as much as anything else. That's important."

He also recommends a few preventative steps to avoid getting to the point where your immune system is worn down. His advice includes washing your hands consistently, especially when out in public places, eat properly, and get enough rest.

In addition, Dr. Reynolds recommends people who haven't gotten their flu shots yet to do so. Although he hasn't seen any patients come through his doors with the flu or flu-like symptoms, he expects he will see a case any day now.