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      Columbia shooting suspect's family apologizes

      Michael Juan Smith

      COLUMBIA, S.C. - The parents of the man accused of shooting a University of South Carolina student earlier this month has apologized to the victim.

      Juanita Smith told The State newspaper that she hates the situation and is praying for 18-year-old Martha Childress every day.

      Michael Juan Smith, 20, is accused of shooting and wounding Childress as she wa ited for a taxi in Columbia's Five Points neighborhood. The teen is paralyzed below the waist. She was not the intended victim.

      The suspect's father, Michael, said his family extends its deepest apologizes to Childress and he r family.

      Juanita Smith says her son is also distraught about the shooting.

      The Smith's say their son fired after hearing taunts and hearing the click of guns from a group of men following him.