Colorado wildfire brings back memories for Barefoot Resort Victims

As thousands of residents are being displaced from their homes in Colorado, some people who live in Horry County remember the wildfire that took 76 homes just three years ago.

Doug Green is one of those victims. "Everything. We lost everything," he says.

He showed NewsChannel 15's Brianna Smith around his backyard and explained how the fire took his home.

When Green arrived home that night, he thought the fire was contained.

"There was no worries at that time, no, no worries really," he says.

Just a few hours later, Green's worry quickly turned to panic.

"It was literally just a shower of red hot embers I would say flying down upon us and I knew if we weren't already on fire, then we soon would be."

Green didn't have time to think, let alone pack anything.

"Nothing at all, and again because of the urgency," he said.

Green and his family were some of the first out of the neighborhood.

They sat in the House of Blues parking lot and watched the next string of events unfurl.

"When the cars started coming across the bridge, just one after another, that's when it really got weird, it's happening, and something tremendous is happening here," Green remembered.

By being a victim of the fire, Green says that he's now ready for anything.

"Going through something like that, now you do make better plans and preparations," he says.

There are a few memories Green just can't forget.

"Just looking here and looking up into this blue sky and remembering that was a dark, dark sky was just literally coming down like rain but red and that's lasting."