College student wins $200,000 in lottery

A college student was filling up his car at the Georgetown Ice Company on Fraser St. when he beat the one in 624,000 odds on the Green and Gold scratch-off ticket to win $200,000.

The 20-year-old student called his parents. But they didn't believe him. When he got home with the ticket and couldn't speak, his parent's knew he was telling the truth.

To celebrate, the family went to Applebee's. Everyone, but the winner, ate.

He went two days without eating. His first meal after cashing in the ticket: pizza and hot wings.

"That's been his favorite since he was a little kid," said his dad. "I hope he's hungry."

There are still three top prizes in the Green and Gold game out there.

For selling the claimed ticket, Georgetown Ice Company in Georgetown received a commission of $2,000.