Coastal Carolina University enrollment numbers are in

Coastal Carolina University is scoring an 'A' in growth according to the director of admissions.

2,400 freshmen are joining the 'Feel the Teal' team at CCU this fall.

That's a 10 percent increase over last year.

Ralph Byington, President of Student Affairs, says he knows why more students are coming to CCU.

"I believe once we bring someone to campus and they walk around and see our beautiful campus and fantastic facilities, it's just easy for us to recruit," said Byington.

The number of students returning to CCU is also up. 68 percent of students returned this fall.

That's a five percent increase over last year.

CCU is working to grow that number even more.

"If you really wanted to have a number, it would 100 percent. So that's the number you are looking for," said Byington. "We are always striving to retain any student that can be successful."

Director of Admissions Amanda Craddock says the university's number one recruitment tool is something they call the 'Faculty Call Campaign.'

"They outreached to about 500 students, and it was personal interactions," said Amanda Craddock. "A faculty member calling a student at home either on the weekend or in the evening. And that really helped our numbers."

Along with enrollment growing, so is the actual university to hold these incoming students.

CCU is in the process of adding a new student union and 1,200 additional beds over the next two years.

"If you look at our construction projects, it's a combination of academic buildings, because of course we need great academic buildings, but it's also the student resources," said Byington.

CCU anticipates a retention rate of 72 percent for next year.