Coach Fischer "running thru" cancer

RTI or "Run Thru It" is the slogan adopted by the St. James High School family after their head football coach, Mark Fischer, was diagnosed with cancer. In the six months since, his outlook on life hasn't wavered.

"You've got to stay positive, stay stubborn," said Fischer.

Even though Fischer isn't with the Sharks, his mind isn't off the game he loves. Fischer is spending his time preparing plays for the fall.

"That's all I do. I get this mad scientist thing going and running on the offense especially," said Fischer.

However, Coach Fischer is currently playing defense against his bone cancer. He is feeling better, but won't hear an update to his disease until June, and he's positive it'll be a good one.

"You don't go into a game on Friday night planning on well we might win, or what if we lose, so we're going into this thing thinking, come June, we'll get a perfect bill of health," said Fischer.

Fischer travels back and forth to Duke for treatments, but recently had to stay there for almost a month. Now that he's back home, Fischer is focused on getting healthy.

"My goal is to get back into game shape for May 2 when we start Spring Ball," said Fischer.